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Thank you for considering St Marie's Catholic Primary School for your child's education.


If you are joining our school for the first time we extend a warm welcome to the whole family and look forward to working with you in a happy and successful partnership.


Our prospectus will give you an insight into the wide range of opportunities that we can offer your child during their journey of lifelong learning.


St Marie's provides a safe and special environment for all our children and as a Catholic school our philosophy is based on the example given to us by Jesus Christ. We reflect His teachings in all we do for each other in a caring, loving and respectful family.


Mrs. M Smith BSc hons. 

Admissions to our School

We are an outstanding, small friendly school with a big heart and a warm, friendly environment.


For each new September intake there are 30 places at school for Reception Year children, if 30 children or less apply for a place ALL children who apply will be offered a place, however if more than 30 children apply, places will be allocated with reference to the school's Admissions policy which can be read by CLICKING HERE.

St Marie's School is a Voluntary Aided Catholic Primary School and the policy for admission is determined annually by the Governing Body in consultation with the Local Education Authority.

To find out which Liverpool Archdiocese Catholic school serves your local area, the Archdiocese have developed a web page where you can enter your home postcode and you will be provided with the name of the local school, please use the link below to access the web page. 

September 2024 Starters

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020, they will start reception class at the start of the new school year in September 2024. CLICK HERE for a copy of the 2024/25 School Prospectus.

How to Apply
​If you live in the Wigan LA, please CLICK HERE to be directed to the online application service provided by Wigan Local Authority

available from September 2023


Appealing an Admission Decision

Once places have been allocated to all applicants, if you disagree with Wigan Council’s decision about a school place for your child, you have the right to appeal. Please click on the following links for more information and appeal timetable: 

Appeals for a place at an Archdiocese of Liverpool primary school

To appeal for a place at Wigan Catholic primary school in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, you will need to:

Visit the Archdiocese of Liverpool website to request an appeal form (external link)

Contact the Archdiocese of Liverpool Schools Department by calling 0151 522 1071

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I apply for a school place and view my child’s allocated school online?

A: Yes. After you have registered your child at St Marie’s by speaking to the school office, you will then be sent details of how to apply online with your child’s application form from Wigan Local Authority. You will need to register your details on the School Admission Portal and then you will be able to access the website and view your child’s allocated school on the day the notification letters are sent.


Q: What happens if I don’t apply for a school place for my child?

A: You are strongly advised to apply. If you don’t apply for a place then your child will be offered a place at the nearest appropriate school which has places available after all other applications have been dealt with.


Q: Does my child need to be Catholic to attend St Marie’s?

A: No, your child does not have to be Catholic to attend St Marie’s. Within our Catholic faith and values we welcome and nurture families of all faiths.


Q: I really want my child to attend St Marie’s but I’m concerned that they are too far down the selection criteria?

A: You are strongly advised to make your priority selection of school on the basis of which school you really want your child to attend. For example a child who was ranked 53 out of 59 secured a place because they had placed St Marie’s as their 1st choice of school.


Q: My child has a brother or sister already at St Marie’s, will I automatically be offered a place?

A: No, everyone must complete a school preference application form. All preferences are then considered against St Marie’s oversubscription criteria, if the school is oversubscribed.

Q: Do I need to complete a supplementary faith form?

A: If you wish to have your application considered against the school’s faith criteria then the Supplementary Faith form must be submitted to the school or completed online. Without this the allocated criteria will be a lower rank than with it.


Q: Will I be offered a place at my 1st , 2 nd and 3rd choice schools if places are available?

A: No, you will only be offered ONE place even if your 2nd choice school has a place. If your 1st choice is available this will be the only place you are offered.


Q: What if my child has been allocated a place and I change my mind, or move locality?

A: In the first instance contact the Local Authority school admissions to see if places are available at your preferred school. In addition to this contact the school who will be able to advise you on the best course of action

Admissions FAQ
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