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Year 1 - Phonics

Updated: Apr 4

PhonicsPlay - Resources can be used to practise previous sounds that the children have learnt.

Each Wednesday, practise Phonic Screening work will be sent home.

Please look at the words with your child and ask them to segment and blend them.

The activities do not need to be returned.

Mrs Bunting delivered a workshop with information about the Year 1 Screening Check. This can be found on the Class 1 page.

This term, Year 1 will learn that one spelling can make 2 different sounds i.e. a in apple and a in angel look the same, but sound different.

The attached document is purely for your information and is not homework for your child. Please help your child to find these in their reading books.

Download PDF • 1.09MB

Download PDF • 563KB

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